Clubs and Groups: About Create a Group

GamingHill Groups
If you want a gathering point for your friends or members with common interest you can start a GamingHill group. GamingHill groups are easy, convenient, safe and free, and give a ton of opportunities.

You can choose among 3 different group types:

  • 1. Open for everyone
    Group which is open for all members.
  • 2. Approved by admin
    Only members who apply and get approved by a group admin are allowed.
  • 3. Invite only
    Only members that receives an invite from a group. These groups are hidden from the group list.

Your group page will consist of your own forums, club chat news section, upload section and more. You can create and manage events and gatherings that you can invite group members to through various tools.

Create your own group page for free now!
Use our FAQ if you need further help.

If you also have the need for tournaments, rankings and seasons we suggest that you start a club instead.
Read more about clubs here!