Clubs and Groups: About Create a Club

GamingHill Clubs
We have developed the best club concept available on the net. Our club module allows members to create and customize a web section for their local poker club (or similar).
To have a club on GamingHill is easy, convenient, safe and free, and gives a ton of opportunities.


You can choose among 3 different club types:

  • 1. Open for everyone
    Club which is open for all members.
  • 2. Approved by admin
    Only members who apply and get approved by a club admin are allowed.
  • 3. Invite only
    Only members that receive an invite from a club. These clubs are hidden from the club list.

Your club page will consist of your own forums, club chat news section, upload section and more. You can create and manage events, cash games and gatherings that you can invite club members to through various tools. You can also create seasons and run rankings. Whenever you want to host a poker tournament you can use our built in tournament clock that will handle blinds, levels, prizes, rankings and more.

Registered clubs of a certain size will also receive benefits such as poker equipment discounts, free poker magazines and help on finding a sponsor for the club.
Create your own club page for free now!
Use our FAQ if you need further help.

If you don’t have the need for tournaments, rankings and seasons and only want a gathering point for your friends or members with common interest we suggest that you start a group instead.
Read more about groups here!